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Print & Mail Audio Tape Order Form (U.S. Only)



Phone #


Please Limit Order to No More Than A Total of Three Tapes.   Thank You!

Date of Sermon

Topic (if known)

# of Copies


In order to offset costs (not to make a profit), please send the following amounts to cover tape costs and shipping costs (based on the number ordered): If you are from another country, you can email me with the country information and I will get back to you via email with the international shipping costs.  Thanks!

1 tape, plus shipping =            2 tapes, plus shipping =            3 tapes, plus shipping =

Make a check or money order payable to:

"Southfield Community Church", with "Audio Tape Ministry" on the memo line.

** If you attend the church and can pick them up there, please do so. If you'd like the tapes mailed to you, please print this form, check this box   Check Here After Printing    , and mail to:

Southfield Community Church
Audio Tape Ministry
21122 Indian Street
Southfield, MI  48034